The OVAVERVA in a nutshell

It all started with a vision. When the construction of a new indoor pool for St. Moritz was under consideration, the idea for the OVAVERVA was born: A new centre should add value to the entire region in terms of swimming, leisure, fitness, spa, wellness and gastronomy, and cater for all outdoor activities in the Engadine. Of the many indoor pools and wellness facilities in the Upper Engadine at that time, only a very few were freely accessible as they were mostly integrated into luxury hotels. By building the OVAVERVA, the municipality of St. Moritz sought to close this gap in the leisure, spa and sports offering in the Upper Engadine.

With belief in the equation that water, sport, nature, adrenalin plus relaxation = health promotion the fun way! the municipality of St. Moritz focused on three points:

  • Social benefit: increasing the quality of St. Moritz as a residential location and tourist resort.
  • Ecological benefit: using energy sustainably
  • Economic benefit: balancing effort and reward in investment and operation.

The vision took shape. After intensive planning involving experts and experienced partners, the municipality of St Moritz, as the owner of the OVAVERVA, made its largest investment for several years at CHF 67 million, which was to benefit the entire region. After taking 26 months to build, the OVAVERVA opened its doors on 5 July 2014. The visitor numbers have validated the concept. In its very first year, the OVAVERVA welcomed a total of 172,000 guests, with up to 2,000 visitors on record days. Its comprehensive leisure, spa and sports offerings, all under one roof, are enriching the lives of locals for school, sports and leisure, while giving tourism in the Engadine an important boost. Holidaymakers in the Engadine whose apartments or hotels do not have their own indoor pool, spa, wellness facility or fitness centre can visit the OVAVERVA instead.


The name is derived from a major cultural asset of the Upper Engadine. OVA VERVA (Romansh) = VIBRANT, SPARKLING WATER. Water shapes and nourishes the landscape of the Upper Engadine – the fresh mountain air, its lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, mountain streams, forests and meadows, which shine in a vast array of colours in spring, summer and autumn and are covered in glistening snow and ice in winter. In the OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Centre in St. Moritz, visitors enjoy this precious resource all year round for their health, fitness and recreation. Thanks to the OVAVERVA’s perfect location in St. Moritz-Bad, the cross-country skiing trails, ski slopes, Lake St. Moritz (frozen in winter) and biking and hiking trails right on its doorstep invite guests to enjoy sport and relaxation surrounded by nature in the Upper Engadine whatever the season. 


Our mission - your satisfaction with the varied experiences at the OVAVERVA
We put our heart and soul into looking after our guests at the OVAVERVA as a team, in keeping with our motto: ‘One center, one team.’

OVAVERVA cultur mission statement Download PDF

Gabriela Egli, Administration Manager at the OVAVERVA

with her team of 7 receptionists, cashiers and back office workers caters for all our guests’ needs at the OVAVERVA:

“Just ask us! For me and my team, personal contact with our guests is the best thing about our work at the OVAVERVA. We enjoy meeting guests from near and far. Some we have known since the day we opened in 2014, and we see them almost every day. For others, who are visiting us for the first time, we explain what the OVAVERVA has to offer. The OVAVERVA provides a wide range of activities under one roof. From families to individuals seeking relaxation to athletes – we have an experience to offer everyone!”

Roberto Jenal, Head Pool Attendant at the OVAVERVA

with his 10-strong team ensures a carefree bathing experience in the pool complex:

“Our work is focused on providing a friendly, safe, attractive and smooth service for our guests. With a choice of 5 different pools, diving towers and 3 water slides in the indoor arena and an outdoor pool with terrace, the OVAVERVA pool complex is just as varied for me and my team as a workplace as the experiences are for our guests during their stays at the OVAVERVA. This motivates us daily to do our best to provide safety and cleanliness for our guests. We are also rewarded with views of the Engadine countryside.”

Receiving guests from near and far motivates us to keep coming up with new ideas! Angélique Marder, Service Manager, and Luigi Greco, Chef, serve and spoil guests in the OVAVERVA Bistro. Their team includes up to 15 employees during peak season:

“We have many years of experience in the OVAVERVA Bistro, so we know the different needs of our guests and can cater for them – with our service as well as with our culinary offerings and drinks. Our multilingual team of all ages is a perfect match for our diners at the Bistro. Children and adults, holidaymakers and locals, winter and summer sports enthusiasts all feel at home here because we speak their language and fulfil their individual wishes in an open and easy manner.”

Aline Gärner, Spa Manager at the OVAVERVA

and her team, comprising 2 sauna attendants, 4 therapists and 2 receptionists, have a common mission:

“With a break here at the OVAVERVA spa, which is inspired by the natural world of the Engadine, we make our guests feel good and give them a little bit of happiness and satisfaction that resonates for a while in everyday life as well as during holidays. Our highly qualified therapists play their part in this with their range of massage techniques and cosmetic treatments, as do our sauna attendants with their flair for experiential infusions. And, on the telephone or in person, our knowledgeable spa receptionists will advise you and recommend the right wellness programme for you in the OVAVERVA spa. Individually tailored to your personal wishes and needs.”

Eric Wyss, Operations Manager at the OVAVERVA

and his team ensure a relaxing stay:

“We want to make your stay with us a great one where you feel at home. Our employees look after your safety, make sure our facilities are in impeccable condition and ensure that you have a relaxing stay in the OVAVERVA pool and spa areas. We are glad that you are visiting us. Welcome.”

Roger Zürcher, Regional Manager of update Fitness

offers the perfect training to suit every need with update Fitness:

 “Whether it’s a group fitness class, a free weight training session or a supervised workout, with us you will get one step closer to your training goal.”

Suvretta Sports - Your leisure activity is our vocation!

Interested, experienced and proficient – our Suvretta Sports team at the OVAVERVA outdoor centre looks forward to meeting you:

  • Michela Bongianni (Fashion, Nordic, Bike, Swim, Sales, Rental)
  • Jeanette Wiederkehr (Fashion, Nordic, Bike, Swim, Sales, Rental)
  • Matia Pasini (Bike, Nordic, Sales, Workshop, Rental)
  • Jorge Garcia (Running, Nordic, Sales, Rental)
  • Romano Cortesi (Bike, Workshop, Sales)
  • Giachem Guidon (Nordic, Bike, Sales, Rental, Workshop)
  • Heinz Lüthi (Nordic, Bike, School, Sales, Rental)

“Visit us at the OVAVERVA outdoor centre: the large Nordic & bike centre plus shop, with schools for skiing, cross-country skiing and biking as well as running trails, kids camps and so on. We are so passionate about what we offer all our locals and guests in the Engadine countryside!”