In all our Dermalogica beauty treatments we work exclusively with Dermalogica products. These are among the finest and most effectie care products for a wide range of skin needs.

Every facial treatment starts with a professional skin analysis. The treatment that follows is tailored to your skin type.

Facial Treatments

Rosenhauch – natural cosmetics


This encourages optimal cell renewal and regeneration of facial skin. A rose quartz gemstone is used for the facial massage, while a highly concentrated rose hydrolate is applied for the face and décolletage mask.

85 min / CHF 170 (incl. 3hr spa entry)                                                                                       book now
Waldmeister – natural cosmetics


The Waldmeister facial scrub with 13 different forest plants provides an anti-ageing moisture boost. This is followed by a relaxing facial massage with an aventurine gemstone, and a rejuvenating finishing treatment completes the service.

45 min / CHF 120 (incl. 3hr spa entry)                                                                                       book now
Dermalogica Basic – Comprehensive and individual


The basis of all Dermalogica treatments that will pamper you according to your skin type, current skin condition and individual needs. This treatment comprises the following steps: skin analysis incl. Dermalogica face mapping, cleansing, scrub, deep cleansing, massage and face mask as well as a final treatment.

60 min / CHF 135 (incl. 3hr spa entry)                                                                                       book now
Dermalogica AGE smart – A fresher firmer eel for longer


Highly effective active ingredients from the AGE Smart skincare line work to prevent skin aging and help restore damaged skin to its natural glow. Experience long-lasting, intensive care for visibly relaxed and pleasantly smooth skin.

85 min / CHF 170 (incl. 3hr spa entry)                                                                                       book now
Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment – Skin regeneration with visible results


This 50-minute IonActive Power treatment for face and décolletage specificall combats the causes of dry or blemished skin. Inflammation finelines and hyperpigmentation are visibly re-duced. The combination of high concentrations of the latest active ingredients makes this treat-ment particularly effective and provides imme-diate visible results.

50 min / CHF 130 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Dermalogica MediBac Clearing – Highly effective acne treatment for adult skin


This specialised acne treatment uses highly effective MediBac Clearing products. Not only does this treatment address existing rashes, it also helps prevent future acne flare-upsin adults.

60 min / CHF 135 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
75 min / CHF 155 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Dermalogica UltraCalming – Soothing moisturising treatment


This treatment offers quick help for sensitive skin. It soothes and smooths out even extremely irritated and inflamedskin. By addressing the underlying causes of redness, itching and burning, this treatment brings long-lasting relief from skin irritations.

75 min / CHF 155 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
85 min / CHF 170 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Dermalogica PowerBright – Addresses hyperpigmentation step by step


Pigment spots or hyperpigmentation is the result of an overpro-duction of melanin. The production of skin pigments is a multi- step process. Therefore, a multi-step system is also needed to address pigmentation problems and achieve visible results. This treatment reverses the processes of hyperpigmentation step by step.

85 min / CHF 170 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Dermalogica Stress positive eye lift – Radiant freshness around the eyes


This intensive eye treatment stimulates natural skin function and reduces signs of stress. It visibly energises and firmsup the area around the eyes. The appearance of dark circles and bags is reduced.

35 min / CHF 85 
Dermalogica Facial Treatment for Him – Suited to men’s skin


This treatment specificall addresses the needs of men’s skin, which is under stress from negative environmental influenes and shaving. It cleanses, considerably rehydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. The treatment starts with intensive cleansing, followed by a scrub. A hand and foot or shoulder massage will relax your body while a customised mask rehydrates and revitalises your skin.

45 min / CHF 120 (incl. 3hr spa entry)                                                                                       book now

Beauty Treatements

45 min / CHF 65 Manicure, without varnish book now
60 min / CHF 80 Manicure, with varnish
60 min / CHF 85 Manicure, with gel varnish
25 min / CHF 25 French varnish
20 min / CHF 20 Varnish change
Cosmetic pedicure
60 min / CHF 80 Cosmetic pedicure, without varnish
75 min / CHF 90 Cosmetic pedicure, with varnish
75 min / CHF 100.– Cosmetic pedicure, with gel varnish
25 min / CHF 25.– French varnish
20 min / CHF 20.– Varnish change  
Eyelash and eyebrow

On request we will be happy to add eyebrow and eyelash tinting to your facial treatment for only 50% of the regular price.

15 min / CHF 15 Eyebrow plucking
30 min / CHF 30 Eyebrow plucking 
20 min / CHF 30.– Eyebrow tinting, incl. brow correction
20 min / CHF 30.– Eyelash tinting 
30 min / CHF 55.– Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
Hair Removal

Our hair removal service uses warm wax. This extremely gentle and effective method is also suitable for particularly sensitive skin.  

From CHF 15

To help you findthe perfect option to suit your individual needs, our treatments are divided into the following categories:

RELAX: Slow down and relax

BEAUTY: Feel beautiful inside and out

DETOX: Cleanse and detox, stimulate and tone

VITALITY: Awaken your vitality and zest

SENSE: Allow yourself peace, space and time

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Picture of Manicure, without varnish

Manicure, without varnish

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