Our treatments will free you from the stresses and strains of everyday life and restore your inner equilibrium. Our soothing massage techniques, warming oils and powerful essences in our pure natural Grisonian and alpine products from Soglio release deep tension and blockages.

Our body therapies and massages are all about your wellbeing and caring for your skin. Whether you are after a smooth scrub, a skin-firming pac or a soothing massage, we will be happy to meet your personal wishes and needs. For massages in the OVAVERVA spa you will be pampered with all-natural products, mostly from Soglio.

Feel-good massages and body therapies

Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian full body massage


The traditional Hawaiian full body massage is a perfect combination of muscle treatment and flwing strokes. This healing ritual removes blockages and tension in muscles and joints, thereby achieving deep relaxation.

80 min / CHF 190 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Hot Stone Massage – Heat and power combined


With this combination of a soothing full body massage with warm oil and heated basalt stones, the power of the stones gently penetrates deeper tissue and loosens tense muscles.

50 min / CHF 135 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
80 min / CHF 190 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Rock Salt Massage – Triple action


A relaxing massage experience awaits you with high-quality, heated salt stones made from natural alpine salt. The heat penetrates the muscle tissue and the salt stones unleash their detoxifying effect through the skin. Energy blockages are dissolved deep into the mu-scles and the immune system is boosted.

50 min / CHF 140.– (incl. 3hr spa entry)  book now
Anti-Cellulite Treatment – Detoxification and stimulation


Support your fightagainst cellulite with a detoxifying pack and a stimulating anti-cellulite massage. This treatment helps the body rid itself of toxins and encourages it to burn fat. Knots are also dis-solved, and it has a positive impact on fascia tissue.

80 min / CHF 190 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
3-er Pack / CHF 515 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
OVAVERVA herbal compress massage – with hand-tied compresses


Our team lovingly fills these compresses with dried Alpine herbs and ties each one neatly by hand. This dynamic massage penetrates deep into the muscles, making it perfect for athletes and those suffering from persistent muscle tension. The warm herbs help to soothe and relax the tissue. Manual, firm massage strokes are interspersed with passes of the compress to improve circulation and actively stimulate the metabolism. The aroma of the Alpine herbs also has a positive effect on the limbic system.

60 min / CHF 140.– (incl. 3 h spa entry) book now
Machine-assisted herbal compress massage – with steam treatment unit


This gentle massage is performed using a modern steam treatment unit by Permanent Contour and warm compresses. It relaxes the body and creates a gentle peeling effect on the skin. The combination of warmth, steam, the motions of the compress and the gentle massage achieves a truly special relaxation experience, activating the body's innate ability to heal.

Facial massage 45 min / CHF 90
Body massage 60 min / CHF 130 (incl. 3hr spa entry)


Rose Petal Scrub – Anti-inflammaory 


This anti-inflammaory scrub soothes with bene- ficialrose petal extracts. It is ideal for sensitive skin and promotes healing. The rose scent also has a positive holistic effect on your mood.

35 min / CHF 60 book now
Soap Foam Massage with Scrub (Kese) – Wrapped in lightness


A full body scrub with a light massage that stimulates your metabolism is a treat for your skin and your whole body. The Kese glove encourages the flw of lymph and strengthens the connective tissue.

50 min / CHF 120 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Alpine Herb Scrub  – For skin that feels soft and smooth


This gentle full body scrub with finemineral powder, urea pura, magnesium and alpine herbs will leave you feeling like a new person. Your skin will smell wonderful afterwards and feel smooth and soft to touch.

35 min / CHF 65 book now
Honey & Swiss Pine Scrub with Natural Salt – Protects and strengthens your skin


This gentle scrub is ideal for rough, scaly skin. We combine rock crystal salt rich in minerals with antibacterial propolis and nutri-ent-rich honey. The unique combination of these natural active ingredients will protect your skin and leave it clear, smooth and stronger.

35 min / CHF 60 book now
Arnica Scrub with Natural Salt – Refreshing body sensation


This moisturising and refreshing scrub uses the powerful active ingredients of arnica flowers and lemongrass. After sporting activities in parSENSEticular, this will pleasantly cool your body, leaving it feeling revitalised.

35 min / CHF 60 book now
St John’s Wort & Biopir Scrub with Natural Salt – Toning and detoxifying


This scrub will tone and detoxify your skin to promote effective regeneration. Nourishing and vitamin-rich extracts from milk, yeast and St John's wort are combined with beneficial olive oil to achieve this effect.

35 min / CHF 60 book now
Full Body Detoxification Pack – Detoxification or a healthy body


This effective treatment helps break down fat throughout the body. Detoxifying juniper and the diuretic effect of young birch leaves trigger the body’s own detoxification process. We also use orange oil. This oil also stimulates blood circulation and fat burning.

35 min / CHF 65


Soglio Aromatherapy Massage – Natural fragrances of the Engadine


Gentle aromatherapy massages relax both body and mind. We use only aromatic oils created by the regional manufacturer Soglio. For your personal aromatherapy massage, our experts will tailor the Soglio oil mixture to your individual needs. This deeply relaxing massage and the natural aromas guarantee a long-lasting positive effect.

50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry) book now
80 min / CHF 180 (incl. 3hr spa entry) book now
Head, Neck and Back Massage – Restores mobility


This combination of powerful and precise massage movements is specially adapted to the head, shoulders, back and neck. It releases tension and blockages and enhances blood circulation through the muscles. A liberating boost for body and mind.

50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry)book now
Lymph Drainage – Gentle release of toxins


This form of massage alleviates swelling and supports the body’s de-toxificationprocess. With targeted pumping movements, lymphatic drainage purifiesand unblocks the body by draining lymph fluids The heightened lymph flw will improve the overall state of your immune system.

25 min / CHF 75
50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry) book now
Dorn Therapy – Restores a healthy posture


This complementary therapy created by Dieter Dorn serves to gently correct leg length dif- ferences and straighten the spine and joints. Using manual methods and by working actively with the therapist, the spine and joints are re- turned to their correct position.

60 min / CHF 130 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
90 min / CHF 190 (incl. 3hr spa entry)
Foot Reflex Zone Massage – Stimulates self-healing powers


This treatment involves massaging the reflx zones on the sole, toes and arch of the foot. It positively stimulates the energy pathways and activates the body’s own healing powers.

50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry) book now

The Classics

Sport massage – Mobilises and revitalises active people 


This sports massage helps every phase: it in-creases the effectiveness of the training, loo-sens the muscles and supports regeneration.

50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry) book now
80 min / CHF 180 (incl. 3hr spa entry) book now
Full Body Massage  – Relaxation from head to toe


Classic massage techniques for the whole body loosen the muscles, stimulate the metabolism and promote circulation using targeted hand movements, leaving you feeling re-energised and relaxed at the same time.

50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry)book now
80 min / CHF 180 (incl. 3hr spa entry)book now
Partial Body massage – Pick your priority


The partial body massage is recommended for tension in the back or to help tired legs and feet recover. We will be happy to tailor the partial body massage to your needs and to specificall treat your chosen areas.

25 min / CHF 65
Pregnancy Massage – Gentle relaxation for mothers-to-be


This gentle massage with warm oil will relax you during your pregnancy. Our therapists are specially trained for this. This massage perform- ed on expectant mothers lying comfortably on their side from the 14th week of pregnancy has a very soothing effect. The focus is on caring for the pregnant woman and her child. We recom-mend you talk to your gynaecologist about this first.

50 min / CHF 125 (incl. 3hr spa entry)

Supplement your treatments

We use almond oil for our classic massages. Enrich your massage with a special oil.

Soglio Calendula Oil

With no essential oils, neutral fragrance, ideal for delicate or sensitive skin.

CHF 10
Soglio Vals Balm 

Rich and nourishing skin balm with a high con- tent of goat’s buttermilk for sore joints.

CHF 10      
Rose Oil

With its unsaturated fatty acids, this gentle oil is nutrient-rich and nourishing.

CHF 12       

To help you findthe perfect option to suit your individual needs, our treatments are divided into the following categories:

RELAX: Slow down and relax

BEAUTY: Feel beautiful inside and out

DETOX: Cleanse and detox, stimulate and tone

VITALITY: Awaken your vitality and zest

SENSE: Allow yourself peace, space and time

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